Mirror & Mantel Salon





Women –

$65 Stylist

$75 Master Stylist

Men –

$50 Stylist

$55 Master Sylist

All of our men’s and women’s haircutting services include a consultation, shampoo massage, and blow dry. Conditioning treatments and apothecary treatments in addition to a haircutting service – $25.

Children –
For children under the age of six – $35
For children ages six to twelve – $45

A complimentary fringe trim is included in between all of our haircutting services. We encourage our clients to take advantage of this to extend the life of their hairstyle.


Blow Dry – $40
Evening Styling – $65
Formal Styling – $85

Off-site services are available for bridal and event styling. For these services we recommend setting up a consultation to provide you with an accurate price quote and schedule.

Hair Color Prices

Single Process Color – $70
Virgin Application – $90
Double Process Color – $95
Partial Highlight – $105
Full Highlight – $130
Glossing Treatment – $30*

*Price is for gloss when added in addition to a color service. Corrective color is priced upon consultation. Because every color service varies based on each individual client, the prices listed above are starting prices based on the average application and can vary based on the amount of color that is used.

Apothecary Hair and Scalp Treatments

Treat yourself to one of our seasonally changing Apothecary Treatments. They are hand blended with essential oils and fresh herbs to specifically treat the individual needs for your hair and scalp. All of the ingredients that we use for our treatments are organic, pesticide free, and therapeutic grade.

Our Apothecary Treatments are in addition to a haircutting or styling service. They include an incredibly relaxing five-minute scalp massage and a ten-minute heat treatment specifically designed to get the best result from the treatment that you receive.

Coconut Lavender Moisturizing Treatment – $25

Perfect for the summer, our Coconut Lavender Moisturizing Treatment will help calm both your scalp and mind while repairing the damage that can happen to your hair in the harsh summer weather. This treatment pairs a calming Lavender scalp massage with a heated Coconut Oil treatment. We start this treatment with a scalp massage that uses the soothing properties of Lavender Oil to ease tension and headaches while at the same time calming your scalp. Lavender removes any buildup on your scalp to prepare it for the benefits of the heated Coconut Oil. The Lauric Acid and Vitamin E contained in coconut oil helps restructure and repair your hair from the inside out instead of just coating the cuticle and infuses moisture into your ends to prevent protein loss while doing wonders to improve shine.You and your hair will both look and feel amazing when you leave!

Rosemary Mint Reenergizing Treatment – $25

Refresh your hair and scalp with our Rosemary Mint Reenergizing Treatment! This three-part treatment focuses on scalp health and although perfect for anyone that is experiencing any scalp issues or just needs something to relieve stress and exhaustion. This tingly treatment starts with a cleansing Peppermint Oil scalp massage. The Peppermint Oil works to open up your pores, cleanse any excess oils, and increase circulation. A secondary Rosemary Oil massage works to purify your hair and remove build up. Another benefit to the Rosemary Oil is the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that help in increasing circulation and cellular growth. We finish off this treatment with Number 4 High Performance Hair Cares Reconstructing Masque. The Soy Protein in this masque works to reconstruct and strengthen hair while natural conditioners like Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and Sunflower Oil nourish and moisturize hair. We know that you and your hair will feel completely energized after receiving this invigorating hair and scalp treatment!

Kevin Murphy Masque Express Treatment – $15

We appreciate all of our clients at Mirror & Mantel. As a thank you for your loyalty, for every three referrals to the salon we will credit you a complementary haircut with your stylist!

As a courtesy to our stylists, we do require a twenty-four hours notice for all cancellations and rescheduling of appointments. Our salon coordinator will be sure to give you a confirmation call the day before as a reminder and is happy to help you if you are unable to keep your appointment at that time.

All of the products that we use here at Mirror & Mantel were of course chosen with the health of your hair in mind but also the environment around us. None of our color or product lines have been tested on animals or contain ingredients that are known to be harmful to you or the environment.

For payment we accept cash, Visa and MasterCard.